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The SolveEngine is designed for solving any type of problem enabling you to do things with your business you could previously only dream about. Use the one-stop-source for state of the art optimisation algorithms and you can get immediate access to cutting edge technologies to solve even the hardest problems. Innovative algorithms are produced in academia yet rarely reach industry. The pace of change means that most planning and optimisation software is ageing and outdated. Their optimisation solutions are available "as-a-service" on demand, or On-Premise, as a hybrid cloud or as a standalone solution - whatever suits your individual needs. They take the complexity out of solving optimisation problems, delivering real-world efficiencies and real-time improvements to increase your competitiveness. Companies use Satalia to solve their most challenging optimisation problems in Telecommunications, Financial services, System design and Drug discovery.
We're one of the few companies globally creating full-stack AI that can self-adapt from their decisions. We harness the predictive power of Machine Learning and optimisation to extract business insights and act on them ― radically improving decision making and efficiency across all areas of an organisation.

Most companies don't know where to begin with AI and are unable to attract the right talent.

We help you develop your AI and talent strategy, kick-starting your Digital Transformation and facilitating your AI journey. We use our proprietary frameworks to identify and prioritise your AI backlog, then advise on how to deliver with the right technologies, talent and partners.
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