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Unisys Group’s safe driving programme in Indonesia

 Unisys Group’s safe driving programme in Indonesia - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Networks & Connectivity - Cellular
  • Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
  • Sensors - Vibration Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Transportation
Applicable Functions
  • Logistics & Transportation
Use Cases
  • Driver Performance Monitoring
About The Customer
The Challenge

As the economies of Southeast Asia have grown, the number of cars has rocketed. At the same time, implementation of traffic rules and measures to ensure road safety have been slow to develop, meaning that accidents are common.

“The damage incurred by companies through car accidents and property damage is growing because the number of cars has increased without any solid framework for insurance, or safety measures being put in place,” says Miyuki Nakamura, Nihon Unisys Group.

In response to this situation, Nihon Unisys Group took its Mujiko-Program DR™ cameraequipped mobile communication driving management and support service, which it had released for corporate clients in Japan in 2009, and remodelled it for the Southeast Asian market. 

The Solution

Nihon Unisys Group plans to use its ANZEN FleetView service in Indonesia as a springboard to expand its business to all of Southeast Asia.

By providing rapid and accurate visual representations of driving conditions which could only be known vaguely in the past, accidents can be prevented and companies’ shipping quality can be enhanced by improving their drivers’ skills.

ANZEN FleetView™ is a new concept. Its uniqueness is symbolized by the acceleration sensors. The algorithm can determine whether vibrations felt by the sensors are caused by driving behaviour or random noise, automatically classifying them. 

The strength of the vibrational impact is categorised in six levels, and when a level 1 or 2 impact (indicating danger) is detected, the client’s operation manager is immediately and automatically notified. This is a groundbreaking function for a drive recorder.


The bottom line:

• Global coverage ensures stable communication even with vehiclemounted systems • SIM provisioning can be done by the client, eliminating wasteful communication and making operations more efficient


Quantitative Benefit
  • •Making visual representations of drivers’ driving records improves driving skills, raises shipping quality, and reduces accidents.

    •Drivers can be educated by means of videos about dangerous driving, which increases safety.

  • • GPS location tracking can prevent drivers from engaging in inappropriate activities and make shipping operations more efficient •

  • • Detecting dangerous driving makes it possible to respond quickly and appropriately when an accident occurs 

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