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Kando was established in 2012 with the desire to lead a significant improvement in the quality of effluent discharged to the environment. Our game-changing solution is offered as a cloud-based SaaS. Using smart analysis of in-house developed algorithms, we radically reduce costs for water utilities. Kando provide's a complete 24/7, 360-degree overview of wastewater underground networks. Our solution represents a groundbreaking approach to wastewater networks, using our extensive field experience. We passionately provide unique and creative solutions, through a deep understanding of our client's needs, to create a cleaner environment for a better world.

Kando’s end-to-end solution Clear Upstream provides continuous awareness of events in wastewater networks. IoT Sensing Units - Off-the-shelf water quality and dynamics sensors are integrated with a Controller and packaged into a robust, self-powered IoT unit. Introduced into the network at strategic locations via manholes, these units collect continuous data and transmit it to a cloud-based analytics engine. Some configurations of the IoT unit include automatic water samplers, primed to collect physical samples when triggered by real-time pollution events. Web-based Analytics Engine - Data collected by the sensors is pushed to Kando’s remote analytics platform, where thousands of datapoints are processed and cross-referenced to identify patterns and irregularities. This information is presented to clients as real-time pollution alerts and network health updates, using live maps, online dashboards, and text messages to ensure absolute clarity and maximum application value. Clear Upstream Methodology - Kando’s team examines each clients’ needs and network characteristics individually, using their analytics engine to generate a bespoke plan for IoT units’ optimal deployment. Units are then installed at strategic locations around the network, allowing for maximum data gathering at minimum cost. Unit locations are continuously reevaluated and optimized as more data is gathered and processed.

Mei-Ashkelon Israel, Unity Water Australia, Mei-Carmel Israel, Ventura CA USA

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