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Industry 4.0 has a blind spot: Human beings. It turns out that people still perform up to 90% of factory tasks. Even in an age of robotics and IIoT, people are the main contributor to value-and, alas, to variability. Unfortunately, techniques for measuring human effectiveness haven't materially changed in a century. They remain manual and impossible to perform at scale. People are effectively invisible to analytics. Drishti (Sanskrit for "vision") solves this problem using what may be the world's first commercial application of action recognition to digitize human activities on the assembly line. Drishti creates a massive new dataset that enables true Digital Transformation for manufacturers while simultaneously making line workers more competitive against automation. Our mission is to "extend human potential in an increasingly automated world", starting with this 100-year-old problem in the $12T global manufacturing industry.
Our core innovation: action recognition
Drishti has built a new deep learning architecture that uniquely parses streams of video to generate real-time analytics on highly variable human actions.

Put simply, Drishti can recognize activities being performed as the operator performs them, even if Drishti has never observed that operator before.

Drishti is the only company in the world commercializing action recognition specifically for manufacturing, and one of the very few working with the technology in any industry.

Beyond action recognition: our full stack
Action recognition is just part of the solution. Drishti’s vertically integrated manufacturing solution extends end-to-end: from capturing video to creating data to providing applications, data services and workflow support for line operators, supervisors, engineers and more.
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