Infinite Uptime Case Studies USD 1.2 Million Saved On A Forging Press Line By Predicting Cutter Life
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USD 1.2 Million Saved On A Forging Press Line By Predicting Cutter Life

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The major press line in the company has a circular saw machine which cuts metal rods with precision in predefined lengths for further heating in the furnace. The cut pieces are then fed to the forging line to make automotive components. The length and perpendicularity of the cut pieces are crucial to obtain a good quality forging.

It was observed that circular saw failed to maintain the precise length and perpendicularity while cutting the metal rods leading to heavy rejections. This was a serious concern and routine preventive maintenance was unable to overcome it.

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A world’s leading forging Company headquartered in Pune, having a global workforce of 10 Thousand. A major contributor to the automotive industry with more than five decades of expertise.
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INDUSTRIAL DATA ENABLER installed on the gearbox near the Circular Saw Cutter monitored the tri-axial vibrations, temperature, and acoustics in real-time. Its edge technology analyzed the vibration data and notified the production and maintenance personnel the instant the vibrations exceeded a set limit. The IDE captured the vibrations from the gearbox of the circular saw cutter.

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The system can generate the vibration plot of the cutter and when it exceeded the set limit. Alarms are raised through email and SMS.

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