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Ziyan manufactures intelligent electric unmanned helicopters that harness the strengths of flight control software and hardware system R&D. Ziyan focuses on flight power system R&D, structural design and manufacturing, integrated machine integration, and solution customization and customization. Ziyan currently produces electric unmanned helicopters for high-speed patrols, rescues, border patrols, anti-terrorism, special operations and air alert, training targets, small and medium-sized fast logistics platforms, and intelligent airborne unmanned freight platforms.

•Parus Tits - Ziyan’s newest UAV is a small scout chopper with a 50 km flight radius, 10 km HD video streaming radius, and 10x digital zoom equipped with a ground control system.

•Blowfish - Unmanned transport UAV that can carry up to 7KG and can take off in 10 minutes. This vehicle can autonomously take off and landing.

Netflix, Broadcom, Hccp, Airbnb, Heineken

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