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Putting BRAINS in your existing infrastructure

Smart Plants

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Smart Plants is a full-stack IoT company working with industrial it-solutions.We make you understand the full depth of your processes by capturing and processing the data surrounding your business, for you to make better informed decisions.
Most industry and buildings have older systems. These are not yet fully ready for the connected world. Our products enable you to work smarter, staying on top of the game. Providing wireless data collection, monitoring, optimization and visualization. All in one packet.

Smart Plants work to give you the complete overview of your machines, processes, buildings. It is all about how smart you work and that's what we're all about. You get it all by logging on a single, intuitive and live dashboard.

Under the bonnet you'll find data collection, cloud-solutions, Machine Learning, automation and real-time monitoring, historic data and reports.

Our production consists of use and development of the following elements:
1. IoT, Internet of Things
2. Machine Learning
3. Cloud solutions
4. Sensors
5. Hardware
ClevAIR is made for HVAC in office buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings and similar. To get a fast return on investment in Norway we recommend to use it on buildings larger than 2 000 m2. In other countries the ROI will be satisfactory already on smaller buildings due to higher power.
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