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Skyresponse (previously Skygd) is a leading supplier of all types of alarm management and deviations for connected products. Our dynamic services build a nerve system that reacts to incidents and guarantees that the right person, resource or system is always reached. We cooperate with leading partners and our cloud-based system enables the development of new service packages together with our partners’ products. With its state-of-the-art technology, in-depth experience and flexible business models, Skyresponse develops services that are sector independent and ideally suited to the growing IoT area.
IoT Applications of Skyresponse

Skyresponse is a unique event resolution solution that is applicable to thousands of applications of IoT in diverse areas such as healthcare, smart factories, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, field service and facilities management.

In healthcare, Skyresponse provides the critical platform for the distribution and escalation of alarms from multiple sensors in the care home to the right care workers. Skyresponse works with providers of care solutions to help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families as well as those providing their care.

In Smart Factory environments the right service personnel can respond to service alarms. Alarms are directed by Skyresponse to the maintenance staff responsible for serving the machines (Electricians, mechanics, operators). If no one in a given response team reacts, then the alarm is automatically escalated to management and/or external response teams to ensure it is addressed.

Fleets of connected vehicles can deliver service and hazard alerts directly to mechanics and/or fleet management. For example when a truck breaks down, is involved in an incident or is being driven erratically an alert can be sent directly to the fleet manager as well as the maintenance or incident management team.

In smart cities there are multiple different IoT implementations in place – for example the system supporting the public transport network might be different from those providing waste management or environmental monitoring. Through simple and secure API connections Skyresponse handles the distribution of alarms from those multiple IoT platforms and applications to a single staffed response center as well as separate response teams for different alert types decoupled from the applications themselves. This enables an efficient use of available staffing across different IoT applications.

Skyresponse can also be used to implement automated service callouts to ensure SLA service is maintained in property and facilities management as well as in smart home appliances.

Services that require an international response team can also use Skyresponse to supplement a centralized response service with localized response centers in different geographies. This could apply to Predictive Maintenance scenarios for white goods manufacturers, for example.
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