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Securing Mass Scale IoT and IIoT B2B Networks

Shield IoT

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Shield-IoT provides real-time cyber security and analytics Digital Transformation software solutions, to monitor and secure mass scale B2B IoT/IIoT networks.

Based on 15 years of Coreset-AI academic research (MIT, Haifa university), 50+ academic papers and 6 patents, Shield-IoT technology enables accurate analytics at mass scale.

Shield-IoT solutions serve IoT service providers across multiple B2B domains including Telcos, transportation, smart cities, smart grids and Industry 4.0.

We deliver innovative solutions to secure IoT gateways and edge devices, and solves critical issues for large scale deployments such as smart cities and connected transportation.

Unique Value Proposition

•AI Engine (The ‘Secret Sauce’)

Coreset computing to compress the data by unprecedented orders of magnitude: from n to log(n), followed by running a set of AI and machine learning Anomaly Detection models.

•Anomaly Classification

Automatically generate event type, by combining proprietary clustering-based labeling process with domain-based expertise.

•Device Discovery

Dynamically identify devices connected to the network and their type, using proprietary discovery data-driven algorithms.

•Automatic Training in Real-time

The solution is always up to date, with each new data set used to update the training (normality) in real time.

•Encryption Resistant / Privacy-Ready

Analyze lightweight, encryption-free, network traffic metadata.

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