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Team Shalaka provides embedded solutions, enterprise software, and IoT training. They work on Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Devices based on state of the art microcontrollers and communication interfaces like GSM, Ethernet, WiFi, Zigbee, USB, and RFID/NFC. They are experienced in product development from prototyping to manufacturing and also have their own range of products. Year Founded: 2004

Shalaka has developed a number of broadly applicable IoT products. The ReMo (remote monitoring) is a real-time monitoring device which gives you hands on control of data such as temperature, humidity, power loss, etc. They also produce an RFID/NFC solution to help companies manage their inventory and assets with an RFID-based Asset/Inventory management system. Shalaka specialises in developing customised IoT products for industrial applications as well as commercial utilities. This enables companies to improve the capabilities of legacy systems without replacing equipment that is outdated but operational.

Bosch, Lear Corporation, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers, Volkswagen

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