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Sensaco is a Swiss boutique consultancy founded in 2002 providing services in innovation management and information security.

We focus on consulting for software in industrial IoT system (IIOT). Based on the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) we advise your Greenfield as well as Brownfield projects in all software-aspects running on devices (embedded software), network nodes and in the cloud.

Training and consulting

System architecture development

Business case modelling and innovation

Product management

Requirements writing

Project management

IoT Reference cases include

  • Industrial
    • Industrial control and automation devices in IIOT networks
    • Hardware abstraction and APIs to avoid multiple implementations in device agents
  • Logistics
    • Goods tracking in global setups (e.g. pallets, containers, on-premise logistics)
    • Logistics solutions for consumer smart packaging enabled by IIOT
    • New business models and security requirements in transport and logistics
  • Building technology
    • Heating measurement devices in service and online setting
    • Water/HVAC control applications in IIOT networks, including wireless access networks for remote sites and security aspects in critical infrastructure buildings (e.g. hospitals)
    • Access systems, locks, biometrics
  • Medical / laboratory technology
    • Platform integration of various laboratory equipment (physical measurements, analytical instruments)
    • Service application in IOT networks with remote setup and onboarding
  • Finance
    • Moving legacy applications to cloud environments with IOT enhancements (e.g. evidence tracking in audit)
  • General
    • Integration commercial systems, market places, CRM and ERP backends
    • Most projects are helped with an introduction workshop to get up to speed regarding standards, technology and an overview of market players.
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