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PAS provides process safety, cybersecurity, and asset reliability solutions for the energy, process, and power industries worldwide. Our ICS cybersecurity, Automation Asset Management, and Operations Management software and services support safe, secure, profitable, and compliant operations across the complex, heterogeneous, and proprietary process automation infrastructure. Why do leading global industrial companies choose PAS over their DCS vendors for their ICS cybersecurity and alarm management? Platform independence. Our independence from automation vendor platforms offers our clients the most seamlessly integrated and unified solution for managing the variety of systems at their sites. With more than 30 automation system brands and models within a typical enterprise, it is untenable to manage and protect the ICS layer from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. It is also expensive, inconsistent, and ineffective to manage the alarms within the different control systems with alarm management software offered by DCS vendors. With PAS alarm management solutions, industrial companies have the Assurance that their alarm systems perform optimally at the console level and deliver consistent KPIs at the management dashboard level.
ICS Cybersecurity
Secure ICS assets by leveraging industry leading inventory and Configuration Management technology.
- Cyber Integrity
- Inventory Management
- Vulnerability Management
- Configuration Management
- Risk Analytics
- Compliance Management
- Backup & Recovery

Automation Asset Management
Simplify Configuration Management across all automation assets to ensure operational reliability.
- Automation Integrity
- Project Integrity
- DOC4000

Operations Management
Transform process safety and profitability by gaining real-time insights into operational risk.
- Alarm Management
- IPL Assurance
- High Performance HMI
- inBound
- ControlWizard
- TuneWizard
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