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NOA Labs is a German-owned company specialized in product design, product development and manufacturing, including logistics if necessary.

Located in Shenzhen, China, as known as the new hardware Silicon Valley, we mostly focus on IoT products, smart devices, Wearables, and any device that could be connected, or not.

NOA Labs is a one-stop solution to bring your product to market. All teams are under one roof which brings a seamless experience when you're working on your project.

Our designers will bring you the most suitable design for your future customers and will optimize your device to the maximum.

With more than 25 in-house engineers, we can help you develop any part of your next product such as electronics, mechanical, Firmware, software, app and cloud. You can of course jump in and out of the product lifecycle, there is no obligation to stay for the whole range of services.

With an extensive network of manufacturers mostly around the Pearl River Delta, our Supply Chain Management team can handle any of your prototyping, tooling, manufacturing and logistics needs.

NOA Labs is unique and helps you focus on your business rather than wasting time developing your next product with limited resources.

Schneider, FenSens, Honeycomb, Rocket Industrial, Kosmos, BrakeFree, Cashew, GoFishCam, Mitte, 

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