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NanoLock Security

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NanoLock Security protects the operational integrity of industrial devices, machines and manufacturing lines against cyber events and human errors to maintain business continuity, improve safety and safeguard revenues. NanoLock is the only zero-trust, device-level solution that prevents outsiders as well as insiders and supply chain cyber events and even human errors in legacy and new devices, regardless of attack origin or exploited vulnerability and without affecting functionality and performance.

NanoLock fuels Industry 4.0 revolution with a zero-trust protection that is mandatory to critical infrastructures, such as industrial and manufacturing companies as well as utilities. NanoLock secures industrial devices like Smart Meters, RTUs, data cocentrators, EV chargers, industrial machines, PLCs and production lines, against a wide range of external and internal attacks.

Trusted by critical infrastructure customers, such as utilities, industrial and manufacturing companies,NanoLock Security protects power generation, water and wastewater plants and food & beverage manufacturing as well as industrial production, while ensuring compliance with international security standards and guidelines.

NanoLock Security is the winner of multiple industry awards¸ including the prestigious “2021 Top 10 for Baby Black Unicorns”¸ Tracxn’s “Emerging Startups 2021- minicorn“¸ MWC Barcelona “4YFN Startup of the Year” award and more. the American Cyber Award for “Best Security Company of the Year under 150 staff” and the CyberSecurity breakthrough award for the “Overall IoT Security Solution provider of the Year”.

NanoLock is headquartered in Israel with offices in the US, Europe, and Japan.

NanoLock zero Trust, device-level protection secures IIoT, OT devices and machines against internal and external threats by outsiders¸ insiders and supply chain, service providers and even human errors.

The zero Trust, device-level protection ensures that all change requests to critical code, calibration and configuration data are always authenticated and authorized, including those utilizing access privileges. All unauthorized modification attempts are blocked and alerted, regradless of their origin and even if the attacker has root access/credentials.

Global food manufacturer, Bystronic, Atlantica, Renesas, and more.

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