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GreyOrange is a global company that modernizes order fulfillment through Artificial Intelligence-driven software and mobile robots built together so they cooperate in deciding on and executing warehouse activities that maximize payoffs and minimize tradeoffs to create the highest yield. The company's always-solving fulfillment operating system GreyMatter considers predictive and real time data regarding orders, promises, inventory, shipping windows, and resources to orchestrate how workers and robots work together to fulfill the right orders at the right time. GreyOrange experts help organizations master fulfillment in the Age of Immediacy so they keep promises, capture more revenue, and improve the work experience for warehouse employees. GreyOrange has core operations in the United States, Singapore, Germany, Japan and India.
GreyOrange designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotic systems for automation in warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers.

Butler: Decision Science Driven Robotic Goods-to-Person System
The GreyOrange Butler is an advanced autonomous mobile robot that uses robotic goods-to-person technology for automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking in fulfilment and distribution centers.

Flexo: Fleet of modular sortation robots
The GreyOrange Flexo is a modular and flexible sortation system, designed for flexibility and portability. This mobile sortation system comprises of modular components which can be configured to create solutions usable for a range of applications across retail and logistics industries. The AI-enabled robotics system can be easily scaled up or down making it more investment-friendly and cost-efficient.

GreyMatter: Industry Engine | GreyMatter Core | Execution Engine
Warehouses of today face a very different set of challenges such as globalization, product complexity, shorter development cycles and mass customization. Operational optimization, warehouse management robotic systems and warehouse execution software are leading the charge to meet these challenges head on. Warehouses must have a software-centric approach to properly drive their order fulfillment, adapt to changing business needs, maintain appropriate levels of inventory, and scale in a seamless manner.
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