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Elevondata offers consulting and advisory services for Data Modernization, Big Data Implementation and Managed Cloud Analytics to Fortune 1000 and other markets. We have ready to leverage proprietary frameworks for certain verticals and business processes as we learn from our clients in order to reduce time-to-solution and to enable the scaling of our solutions rapidly across many clients without additional resources.

IoT Architecture Advisory - Elevondata can help you handle data in motion, integrate it with Data at Rest and make it meaningful for your enterprise and your customers.

Thousands of different types of devices will begin streaming information on their status and therefore the status of your enterprise over the next few years. Fitbits, Respirators, C-Pap masks, and cars will all come on line and begin to offer you more information on the health of your enterprise. Elevondata knows how to design and implement architectures which can capture this valuable information in real-time and make your enterprise real-time aware of its customers, its equipment, its heartbeat.

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