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Element AI is an Artificial Intelligence company that gives organizations unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology. The company launches and incubates advanced AI-First solutions in partnership with large corporations. They deliver AI software products that augment decisions to make your business stronger, safer, and more agile. Element AI allows accelerating the deployment and commercialization of solutions that meet customer needs for the operationalization of AI while continuing to develop AI products. It maintains a strong connection to academia through research collaborations and takes a leadership position in policy-making around the impact of technology on society. The has built an AI systems integrator of sorts to help other companies develop and implement Artificial Intelligence solutions an Accenture??? for Machine Learning, neural network-based solutions, and computer vision applications. Element AI was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Montr√?al, Quebec, Canada.
Element AI Document Intelligence for Bills of Lading for Logistics
The volume and variety of documents transportation experts must manage to ensure shipments arrive on time is challenging. When processing Bills of Lading, mistakes can be costly and significantly delay delivery times.

Element AI Document Intelligence quickly extracts, analyzes and moves data from scanned documents into your TMS (transportation management system) for review and validation by your team with a high degree of accuracy, saving time and improving productivity for your business.

Element AI Knowledge Scout for Manufacturing
Your reputation is built on quality and timely delivery. When an issue arises or materials don’t meet specifications, it’s not always easy to determine the cause of the problem. Lengthy investigations are often required, resulting in prolonged down times, brand equity risk and regulatory non-compliance.

Element AI Knowledge Scout, powered by AI capabilities, enables manufacturing specialists to draw faster insights from existing reports in the heat of the moment, bridging skills gaps and resulting in unprecedented efficiency in detecting and resolving anomalies ― all of which ultimately optimizes production responsiveness.
Port Montreal, GIC, LG, National Bank
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