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DecisionIQ was founded in late 2014 to commercialize the IIoT research of Dr. Nagi
Gebraeel. He is a Georgia Power Associate Professor in the School of
Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. His research,
which began in 2002 at Purdue University, is noteworthy on many levels,
including the use of an equipment failure test lab and funding by a
Career Grant from the National Science Foundation. In July-2015, Dr. Gebraeel joined with Co-Founder, Andrew Lewis, to start the commercialization work. DecisionIQ entered the Flashpoint
accelerator in October-2015 and entered the market in June-2015. At
Flashpoint, extensive customer discovery was essential to set the right
feature set for the integration of this research into what is now called
the Genesis IIoT Platform. In 2016 the Company was also a member of the
Coca-Cola sponsored Bridge:ATLANTA innovation program. DecisionIQ's operations are at Georgia Tech's ATDC technology incubator, Tech Square, mid-town Atlanta.
It specialises on Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Big Data Analytics,
Predictive Maintenance, supply chain, IIoT, Enterprise, Prescriptive
Maintenance, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, DevOps, AWS, and

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