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CountBOX is a worldwide provider and expert in retail analytics for brick-and-mortar retail, stadiums, and other public places. The highly scalable cloud-based solution delivers real-time analytics that enables retailers to gather vital information, analyze data, and increase profits through detailed insights. CountBOX provides an advanced suite of products that uses state-of-the-art video technology, Wi-Fi detection, and sensors in combination with point-of-sale systems and other sources to display real-time data to key stakeholders.

CountBOX tracks thousands of shoppers daily using data sensors that store key insights in a cloud-based analytics platform with enterprise level security accessible through any browser and device.
People Counting & Conversion
Measure Shopper Conversion: Go beyond sales data. Use CountBOX door counters to measure foot traffic. Integrate store visitor data with your POS system to develop more relevant KPIs. CountBOX uses an open API to that can feed data into your existing dashboards or export data to help you visualize how many browsers became shoppers. Our people counting solutions can be integrated with almost all iPad and traditional POS systems and terminals to deliver relevant data for your business.

Optimize Staffing: Identify traffic cycles and schedule staff accordingly. Let your store managers identify peak periods and use data to drive sales associate scheduling. People counting can help keep high level of service, while keeping store operating costs low.

Improve Window Display Effectiveness: Drive more visitors to your stores. Learn what catches your consumers' eye. Identify key sales growth drivers. Visual merchandising is an important element of any retail business. Give your team the right tools to measure their success.

Consumer Demographics
Demographic insights: Identify, analyze and focus on your target market. Tailor your marketing campaigns and merchanizing strategy to address directly to the right audience. Create value and upgrade your brand experience.

Engage with Your Loyal Customers: Analyze shopping patterns and behavior of your loyal customers. Gain deeper insights by integrating demographic data and facial recognition technology with your existing loyalty program.

Retail Analytics Platform
Powerful Dashboards: Customize dashboards to share the system across your organization. Build separate reports for marketing, merchandising, store management, and corporate teams. Expand the way data is used across the business.

Scalable to Any Number of Locations: Our software can track any number of locations across the world. Use CountBOX retail analytics platform to accurately compare performance of stores across multiple locations. Monitor conversion rate and optimize store operations.

Do More With Your Data: Need to track a custom KPI? CountBOX offers ways to measure business-specific metrics in order to help your team members improve store profitability and find new ways to decrease costs. We provide API access to feed data in or out of the system to connect to multiple retail analytics sources.
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