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Advanced Energy is a global leader in reliable power conversion solutions used in thin-film plasma manufacturing processes and solar energy generation.

Thin films are an important part of many of the products we encounter every day, such as cell phones, computers, cars, window glass, and solar panels. Building thin films requires highly specialized power conversion, control, and delivery. These same requirements are also critical in reducing the levelized cost of energy for solar PV sites.

Our systems help thin-film manufacturing and solar energy companies worldwide propel their growth and innovation. We leverage our 30-year heritage of power focus and technology leadership to help our customers gain marketplace advantage.
Plasma Power Generators

Advanced Energy's field-proven, power solutions deliver precise control, peerless arc handling, and cutting-edge match technology. Unlock new fabrication processes and benefit from our power generators' comprehensive capabilities.

High Voltage Products

Advanced Energy's high voltage products feature high-performance power supplies and amplifiers. Each product line features hundreds of units, options, and accessories to meet your application needs.

Low Voltage Power Supplies

High-end engineering applications require unmatched efficiency, reliability, and performance. Advanced Energy's Excelsys low voltage power solutions offer high power density, unrivaled flexibility, and extreme efficiency to meet any system specifications.

Remote Plasma Sources

Equip your manufacturing and abatement processes with high functionality and exceptional reliability. Customize your chemistry. Expand your operating range. Deliver higher process rates. Advanced Energy's remote plasma sources offer sophisticated options in streamlined designs.

Temperature Measurement Products

Built for precision and performance, Advanced Energy's temperature measurement products deliver extreme reliability in temperature critical environments. Benefit from proprietary technologies that enable remarkable process uniformity, repeatability, and accuracy.

SCR Power Controllers

Flexibility and performance unite with Advanced Energy's Thyro SCR power controllers. From simple to complex, ensure product quality with proven SCR operation, control modes, digital mains load optimization, and voltage sequence control.

Gas Sensors

Advanced Energy delivers innovative gas sensing instruments for numerous markets, including global energy, industrial materials, and advanced technologies. Our gas portfolio consists of gas modules and instruments that provide superior sensitivity over other gas detection techniques.
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