Craftworks Case Studies Reducing Scrap and Increasing Efficiency in Brick Production
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Reducing Scrap and Increasing Efficiency in Brick Production

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Quality management in this facility was only done at the end of the production process. This makes it hard to link scrap output to its root causes and understand when and why faulty bricks are being produced. This makes the process not only unpredictable but also inefficient.

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An international leader in brick production.

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By combining the quality data with the machine and sensor data from various production steps, Craftworks detected patterns in the data that made it understand where quality issues occur and what causes them. Building on that, the quality control AI predicts potential problems in the production line early on. 

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[Efficiency Improvement - Quality Assurance]

Based on Craftworks' recommendations for more accurate settings based on real-time data- insights, production failures could be significantly reduced. The process became more efficient and the scrap rate significantly reduced.

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