kajeet Case Studies Partnering with Community Health Systems to Implement a COVID-19 Tracking Soluti
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Partnering with Community Health Systems to Implement a COVID-19 Tracking Soluti

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Detecting and containing infection clusters and controlling community transmission is vital to alleviating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human health. Isolating affected populations and restricting social interaction, travel, and the intermixing of people have long been used as remedies to the spread of contagious illnesses. Today, local, state, and federal initiatives are using similar approaches with cutting edge technology to gather and share data and decrease the toll of COVID-19. Public health officials need quick and accurate information to identify cases and they control transmission using strong, clear, and effective communications.

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Local health systems have partnered with Kajeet to develop custom teleahealth solution that are improving information gathering and sharing and helping medical decision-makers deliver the care and treatment patients needed when and where they needed it.

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To deliver a solution that addressed the diverse range of needs, Kajeet Solution Engineers designed a 100% customized deployment based on deliverables set by the health system’s project team and Kajeet’s in-house telehealth experts. Within six weeks, the Kajeet team customized and deployed their Telehealth Solution. The solution features Kajeet’s Sentinel data and device management platform, which is a multitenant SaaS platform. Sentinel gives the health system’s staff the data and measurement tools they need in order to run their project smoothly, focusing on how to quickly and accurately gather COVID-19 data and track the spread of the disease on the individual, family, community, and city levels.

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Kajeet's partners have gathered and analyzed COVID-specific health information from patients participating in the project on a granular level that was not possible before

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