IBM Case Studies Leveraging AI to Upgrade Product Quality Management in Speed and Accuracy
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Leveraging AI to Upgrade Product Quality Management in Speed and Accuracy

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To succeed in the fiercely competitive LCD manufacturing industry, CSOT must deliver high-quality products within a tight time frame, but time-consuming product inspections have hampered its agility. Quality inspectors had to inspect each LCD screen individually to check for flaws. This takes quite a bit of time.

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Screen panel designer and manufacturer.

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To enable a smarter approach to quality control, CSOT introduced IBM Visual Insights, an AI-powered inspection solution that intelligently detects defects by comparing product images with a library of known defect images. Visual Insights can be easily integrated with existing inspection processes, allowing CSOT to get the solution up and running quickly.

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Visual Insights can analyze product images in milliseconds, thousands of times faster than human operators. This helps CSOT identify defects quickly and confidently, thereby shortening inspection lead times.

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By integrating AI technology and human expertise, CSOT promotes more accurate product inspection, which helps minimize the risk of potentially defective products leaving the production line, thereby improving overall product quality. This will reduce costs, increase manufacturing yields, and support the company in maintaining high-quality standards, thereby protecting the company's reputation for product excellence.

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