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Improving Asset Health Information

Improving Asset Health Information  - NI Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)
Sensors - Flow Meters
Sensors - Pressure Sensors
Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Sensors - Voltage Sensors
Asset Health Management (AHM)

Unexpected downtime costs industries billions of dollars each year, and the challenges of aging assets combined with many experienced professionals at or near retirement age have companies looking at the promises of IoT technology for answers.

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Customers can be from any industry whose manufacturing processes are highly automated.
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National Instruments, in collaboration with companies like HPE, PTC, Flowserve and OSIsoft, are formulating a combined solution that can provide better asset health information.

The solution comprises various aspects such as sensor input and feature extraction with on-asset data acquisition, diagnostics on bearing, seal, and impeller failures and augmented reality for enterprise to assist on-site troubleshooting and repair amongst others.

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Current, Pressure, Temperature, Voltage, Water Flow Rate
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Intelligent edge-to-cloud predictive maintenance system technology help workers be more productive, lower the cost of maintenance, and improve overall uptime.

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