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iMETOS and Reinisch Winery: Smart wine production

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 iMETOS and Reinisch Winery: Smart wine production - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Automation & Control - Automation & Process Control Systems
  • Sensors - Environmental Sensors
  • Sensors - Level Sensors
  • Sensors - Liquid Detection Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Food & Beverage
Applicable Functions
  • Process Manufacturing
Use Cases
  • Process Control & Optimization
The Customer
Johhaneshof Reinisch
About The Customer
Johhaneshof Reinisch , Tattendorf, Austria
The Challenge

Production of High Quality wine in Continental climate effected by Alps

The Solution

Monitoring of environment and automatisation of production process and prevention measures: Frost warning, Climate monitoring, Water Management, Fertiliser aplication, Wine Health Management, Logistic procedure optim isation

Data Collected
Fuel Consumption, Logistics Cost, Production Efficiency, Water Usage, Weather
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Production]
    Reduction of frost dammages, increased quantity of high quality wine
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
    Reduction of machinery fuel, energy, water, fertiliser and pesticicide consumption
Quantitative Benefit
  • Dramatically reduced losses due to climate changes and frost dammages

  • Product availability and customer satisfaction

  • Stabile income and finance management due to high productivity and better resource management.

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