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Hardware and Software Upgrade Boosts Power Output for TransCanada

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 Hardware and Software Upgrade Boosts Power Output for TransCanada - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Applicable Industries
  • Renewable Energy
Applicable Functions
  • Process Manufacturing
Use Cases
  • Process Control & Optimization
The Challenge

As TransCanada's GE turbines were nearing end of life at their Ravenswood and Alberta locations, they required cleaner, more viable solutions to meet the growing power demands of their constituency, with the Ravenswood location serving over 20% of New York City.

The Customer
TransCanada Corporation
About The Customer
TransCanada Corporation is a major North American energy company based in Calgary, Alberta, developing and operating energy infrastructure in North America, with more than 6,000 employees.
The Solution

As part of the upgrade, GE's OpFlex AutoTune DX and OpFlex Cold Day Performance were installed to obtain even more performance from the hardware, and to ensure robust turbine operation and emissions compliance at the increased output levels even as weather and fuel supplies vary. Software Components - OpFlex AutoTune DX - OpFlex Cold Day Performance

Data Collected
Emissions Rate, Energy Cost Per Unit, Energy Production, Operating Cost, Weather
Operational Impact
  • [Financial Growth - Revenue]
    New revenue opportunities for Ravenswood in bidding into the area's power market.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
    The amount of energy used in production processes can be lowered and made more efficient.
Quantitative Benefit
  • TransCanada projected efficiencies from the engagement with GE would total approximately $900K in annual fuel cost savings or 223,440 decatherms of fuel for the company.

  • There was a 10% increase in output capacity and 2% increase in fuel efficiency in Mackay River area.

  • There was a 5% increase in output capacity and 1% increase in fuel efficiency in Ravenwood area.

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