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  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Application Security
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Endpoint Security
The Customer
About The Customer
COPA-DATA is the technological leader for ergonomic and highly-dynamic process solutions. The company, founded in 1987, develops the software zenon for HMI/SCADA, Dynamic Production Reporting and integrated PLC systems at its headquarters in Austria. zeno
The Challenge
From as early as 1991 COPA-DATA realized a need to find a long-term solution for copy protection – one that encompassed its corporate philosophy of openness and flexibility. Requirements included compatibility with Windows and a trouble-free experience for the customer, who should be able to transfer the key to new or modified equipment, and who is supported with the difficulties that can be encountered in an industrial environment – such as network connections being unavailable or defective.
The Solution
Hardware-based software protection fulfills many of the industrial environment prerequisites: the dongle can be used for embedded devices, is hardware-independent, and is reliable in offering a long lifespan. Easy handling and flexibility of both Wibu-Systems’ WibuKey and CodeMeter not only meet COPA-DATA’s requirements, but benefit our customers as well.
Operational Impact
  • We have been collaborating with Wibu-Systems since the early 1990s. After a quarter of a century of Wibu-Systems still supporting its original products, the key success factors of durable reliability and compatibility - typical of the automation industry - are fully guaranteed. But the solutions are far from being stagnant: they can be tailored according to our customers’ needs as well as our own. The flexibility and open interfaces that Wibu-Systems offer fit perfectly to COPA-DATA’s company philosophy. Smooth administrative handling, simple maintenance, and the ability to get started easily are advantages for both our customers and ourselves.

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