Technology Category
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Identity & Authentication Management
Use Cases
  • Cybersecurity
The Challenge
The main objective is the software roll out to customers. At a closer look the licensing platform should be an entry point for end users with granted rights only to access their specific licenses, safe enough to guarantee a protected environment even without dongle distribution in the field, and fully powerful for optimal and swift data processing even on a time box implementation scenario.
The Customer
About The Customer
Founded in 2002, Bazis-Center is specialized in the development of complex automation systems for engineering design; through its applications more than 1,500 furniture manufacturers have selected BAZIS technology for staging planning and creation of own
The Solution
CmDongle units located at the Bazis-Center server end ensure complete licensing protection, while CodeMeter time-based licensing model does the rest for the deployment and remote management of licenses over the Internet. For an efficient and comprehensive protection system, Wibu-Systems’ technology is also adopted for perpetual licenses too.
Operational Impact
  • [Cost Reduction - Overall]
    The software BAZIS is the first Russian CAD/CAM/CAE system, where time-based remote software licensing has been successfully implemented. High performance and cost reduction are the distinctive traits, especially in comparison with SaaS models.

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