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As we all know more than 70% of goods are not getting recycled, in order to decrease that ratio Aco Recycling is focused to set up smart reverse vending machines with high people circulation. They believe recycling will be able to gain a new perspective & increase positive contribution to environment with incentives. Depending on reward model, recycling can turn into an attractive habit which is their main goal.

We are providing different range of solutions including;
• Smart Reverse Vending Machines
• Smart Parking Solution
• Smart Waste Management/IoT
• Underground Semi Underground Bins
• Environmental Gadgets
Remote monitoring and optimisation
Provides fill level of Container by means of its highly optimised ultrasonic sensor and able to detect an open lid or a dropped Container and measure the temperature inside it.

Aco Recycling provides a advanced software to track all details for each sensor that is on field. Customers can track all information through the special dashboard screen .

Reduce costs
By using Aco Smart Wastee , waste collection costs significantly reduces up to 52%. Aco Smart Wastee is Profitable & Smart solution for environment and waste management.

Process features & web monitoring
• Touch-screen user interface, soft-interface which can be updated and changed easily.
• Informing via text message or e-mail when the storage is full or reaches a certain level.
• Modular object recognition system which can read barcodes, control weight and recognize the object from the shape according to customer demands.
• Security against the intentional harm and anti-fraud system.
• With your user name and password, you can connect to the interface for online Tracking from every place which has internet connection
• Monitors storage levels, waste counts and last transactions
• Display reports and statistics
• Indicates the machines on the map and receive status info, or switch On/Off remotely.
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