Blockchain in Oil & Gas Canada 2019

Blockchain in Oil & Gas Canada 2019
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Calgary, Alberta
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The Blockchain is poised to transform the oil and gas industry. 

Over the past year, there has been wide recognition that blockchain will impact and disrupt oil and gas across multiple use cases. The Blockchain in Oil and Gas focus day this February 12th will, as part of our IoT in Oil and Gas Canada conference, enable you to understand how blockchain technology is changing the industry. 

Last year in Calgary there was so much enthusiasm around blockchain, that we have decided to have an entire day to focused on distributed ledger technology.

In the past year we have run severely blockchain in oil and gas conferences to audiences eager to learn. This conference will give you that edge to stay ahead of your competition. Meet with top oil and gas operators and hear presentations about how blockchain is already being used in the field. 

Oil and gas operators have the unique opportunity to be part of the creation of new technology that is going to change the industry.

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