Data Capture for Afghanistan Forces


Data Capture for Afghanistan Forces
Data Capture for Afghanistan Forces
Data Capture for Afghanistan Forces
Data Capture for Afghanistan Forces

Eurotech Eurotech
PC/104-Plus (PCI) , PC/104 (ISA) , PCI Express MiniCard soket , SDIO socket , I2C interface
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Electronic equipments on the field of Afghanistan provided information on the status of the vehicle and to identify potential threats surrounding it to the British Force. The monitoring and interpretation of this data requires robust and sophisticated digitization for data capture and communication.

The British Armed Forces form the military of the United Kingdom, tasked with defence of the country, its overseas territories and the Crown dependencies; as well as promoting the UK's wider interests, supporting international peacekeeping efforts, and providing humanitarian aid.

Electronic design specialists IA Technology designed an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) system composed of the Eurotech ISIS Processor Board, together with its range of peripheral modules relating to power supply and communication.

Status of the vehicle
Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)

Energy Efficiency - The amount of energy used can be lowered and made more efficient enable full functionality and connectivity.

Space Efficiency - ISIS processor board's small dimension feature fit the armoured personnel carrier where space is a premium.

Quality Assurance - The flawless finished product with no margin for error provides safety and reliability on the battlefield.


The system is well suited to withstand the potentially extreme weather conditions encountered in Afghanistan, with an operating temperature resistance ranging from 0 degree celsius to 70 degree celsius.


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